Destiny Tattoo Designs

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Depending on your culture and beliefs in mythology, there are several options of destiny symbol ideas for tattoos. One option is a thick circle with two lines that look like extended i’s on the lower portion. The lines can be done in different colors or kept traditional black.

Celtic destiny tattoo designs are quite simple, but can be tricky to pull-off by novice artists given the overlapping pattern. It is important to express that shadowing is necessary to show dimension so that this tattoo really stands out on your body.

The triskelion symbol is a destiny symbol of Celtic descent. It has three legs and lines coming from a center point. This could be paired with a tree of life, lotus flower or other symbol of strength, wisdom, or faith. This symbol can standalone with a bit of drop shadow to give it dimension and a stronger presence on your body.

The destiny tattoo designs mentioned above and the picture examples here show you the ways that multiple cultures symbolize destiny. You will also see how artists combine elements of different meanings, such as destiny, strength, and passion into a single design to portray traits in a person, a situation, or a goal.

27 Destiny Symbol Tattoo Designs
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