Cover Up Tattoo Designs

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All tattoo artists have a different specialty. Some are great at traditional pieces, while others are better at portraits or fine lines. As much as people commit to tattoos, they do sometimes regret what they’ve done, and that’s when cover up artists are needed.

Cover up tattoo designs are arguably the most difficult to plan and execute for a number of reasons. The first is that there is often damage to the skin — scarring, keloids, and sun damage as well as age make it more difficult to work with. Then there’s the fact that the skin is already full of ink which has darkened and faded. This means that the actual design needs to be carefully planned to work with the initial design and seamlessly hide the first piece.

The best tattoo cover ups manage to see an image that can be built from the original design. They are often bigger and incorporate a variety of shades, but when done correctly they make it almost impossible to see the foundation tattoo.

If you’re interested in a cover up piece, chat with your artist and make sure that it’s an area they’re comfortable working with and say goodbye to bad pieces!

20 Best Cover Up Tattoo Designs
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