Best Tattoo Designs

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From a technical perspective the best tattoo designs meet a number of criteria:

  • They are unique and original, often blending the tattoo artist’s style with a number of existing styles and techniques.
  • They are beautifully and skillfully executed, taking the body into consideration.
  • They are well looked after, because every masterpiece needs to be protected.

The world’s best tattoos have also started to include very realistic and vivid color. In the past, artists were not exactly spoiled for choice when it came to the palette, but now artists have the full spectrum available to them. And the results are amazing. Full-color work can be so realistic it seems to be coming alive, or so artistic that it looks like the tattoo has popped out of an art gallery.

The best tattoos in the world are almost too good to believe. They grab our attention. They make us share them. They make us stare at the detail, humor, and bravery for hours. They are almost magic — and that’s what sets them apart. These great pieces of art are what inspire artists and fans alike to keep pushing the limits to take tattooing to the next level and keep amazing us.

249 Best Tattoo Designs in the World
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