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Looking for awesome tattoo designs is addictive and fun. Exploring the artists who are pushing the boundaries is an inspiration to artists and tattoo lovers alike, as it might just spark the idea for your next piece. There are a number of websites dedicated to design in general, but they can be a rich resource for finding the kind of artwork that blurs the line between tattooing and magic.

Social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest are a convenient online resource to find this level of awesome tattoo drawings. Take your time to explore and do your research because the best artists and designers are often hidden, but the search is worth the wait. Chat to people with tattoos or artists in your area to get the scoop on who they follow so that you can find the latest and greatest in the world of tattooing.

Great designs are an excellent starting point for your own pieces, but if you’re taking a drawing to an artist, then be prepared to enhance, shape, and amend it so that the real thing is as awesome as the piece that inspired it. Your artist knows how to fit the design to your placement.

500+ Most Awesome Tattoo Designs and Drawings
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