Patriotism Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Showing patriotism is something many military servicepersons and family members often display through tattoos. Patriotic tattoo ideas that are common include a military flag, United States flag, or bald eagle. Some take it a bit further and have a portrait of a powerful leader tattooed on their bodies. These displays of patriotism show love and dedication to a homeland.

Fotos and Images

If you experienced a major tragedy, such as the World Trade Center disaster or a massive hurricane, you could symbolize it with a flag in the background of the twin towers or a destroyed landmark. Showing rebuilding with a flag raising or a bald eagle on top of a flagpole are a couple of other patriotic tattoo ideas.

Military vehicles with soldiers in them, military planes/helicopters and naval ships are also great displays of patriotism. Those that are dedicated to serving their country may wear their “stripes” on their arms, or may display a simple rendition of their service weapon.

We have provided a gallery of patriotic tattoo ideas for you to scroll through. You will see how some artists incorporated a person’s love for their country with a major event that affected their lives in some way. These are the most powerful displays of patriotism as they have significant meaning to the person displaying the body art.